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Our Stories

Andrei Tremaine dancing with Cynthia Gregory


Each dancer brings their own experiences of life to their art. PBDT features many artists who have journeyed through various paths to get to where they are today.

We, at PBDT, are proud to be part of their journeys.

PBDT dancer pas de deux
The Spanish dance from The Nutcracker
Natasha Middleton dancing

Natasha's Story

Natasha Middleton's company, the Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre has revisited several times in their repertoire the depth and beauty of the Ballet Russes & Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.  Artistic Director, Natasha Middleton carries a family legacy of three generations. Aside from staging some of the Ballet Russes well known ballets, Natasha has also created many of her own story ballets from Hansel & Gretel, The Little Match Girl and The Nutcracker, to the passionate and daring full length ballet Carmen.


Natasha Middleton's deep roots in the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, lead her to honor her legacy by sharing the dramatic artistry with such productions as: Alexander Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances, from Prince Igor, Claude Debussy's L'Après-midi d'un faune, Maria Von Weber’s Le Spectre de la Rose, “Variations” from Alexander Glazunov’s Raymonda, “Pas de Deux” from Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Shehérézade and Jacques Offenbach’s Gaîté Parisienne.

Andrei's Story

After joining the famous Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1950, and completing several years of touring the world, Andrei Tremaine returned to Los Angeles and started the Pacific Ballet Theatre. The regional company toured all of California, the Mid West, Palm Springs and more. Such renowned ballet dancers as Prima Ballerina Assoluta - Cynthia Gregory, Charles Maple, Anne Marie de Angelo, Evelyn Cisneros (to name a few) began much of their training and performing with Pacific Ballet Theatre, under the direction of Mr. Tremaine.

Mr. Tremaine staged and directed such ballets and the full length Nutcracker, Les Sylphides, Prince Igor, Katinka and the Matchmaker, The Red Poppy, Raymonda and more. He was honored by the Mayor of Santa Monica for his newfound ballet company, and for many years the Pacific Ballet Theatre was sponsored by the city of Santa Monica to present the Nutcracker every December.


He continued to spread more of the Ballet Russe teachings when he was invited train the students of the dance department at Layola Marymount University. He then continued setting more ballets for Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre such as the Quadrille Strauss, Hansel & Gretel, Spartacus. and more.  After his retirement in 1990, Andrei Tremaine turned over all his knowledge and repertoire to his daughter, Natasha Middleton.


In 2007 Andrei Tremaine received 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards. First by the Dance Resource, and later that year by the new Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre for his years of dancing with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo when honored at the Los Angeles event - Men of the Ballet Russe.

Andrei Tremaine in costume
Elena Wortova in costume

Elena's Story

Elena Wortova enchanted the world with her mesmerizing talent as a ballerina. She was not only celebrated for her grace on stage but also built a legacy as the mother of Andrei Tremaine and the beloved grandmother of Natasha Middleton. Elena's journey in the world of ballet began with training alongside the legendary Ballet Russes, an experience that would shape her career. She would go on to dance with the renowned Ballet Russes de Basil, captivating audiences worldwide.

Her passion for the art of dance led her to establish her own ballet school in Los Angeles, where she shared her expertise and inspired future generations of dancers. Elena's remarkable talent transcended the stage, as she made guest appearances in stage productions, television shows, and films, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of those she touched through her artistry and dedication to the world of ballet.
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