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Grow with PBDT

No matter if you're a performer, lighting director, administrative staff, or volunteer, PBDT welcomes you to find your role and grow with us.


Thank you for your interest in performing with the Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre. All positions are currently filled.


Please check this page in February for audition updates. 

apprenticeship program

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre offers an Apprenticeship program to Advanced students ages 17 to 23 from the Media City Dance studio or by Audition. Students who have progressed in their artistic studies are offered performance opportunities to further grow and advance in their career. Contact anytime at:


PBDT is not currently hiring at this time. Please check this page for future listings.


Volunteering offers a multitude of benefits to both individuals and communities. It creates stronger, more connected communities by bringing people from different backgrounds together to work towards common goals.

Our volunteers provide support to the administrative staff, work with the prop-makers to create set pieces, work with the art department to paint backdrops, assist the costume department with the maintenance and creation of intricate costume pieces, and more.

The Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre is currently recruiting new volunteers. To volunteer, please email us at

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