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About the Company

First founded in 1954 by Andrei Tremaine as
Pacific Ballet Theatre...Carrying a family legacy of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo...
Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre now under the direction of  Andrei's daughter, Natasha Middleton, was rebirth in 2001. 


PBDT, from each decade to now continues to bring the audiences a powerful and atmospheric performance.  The company has gained a notable following and has grown to become one of the major dance companies within the greater Los Angeles area.  PBDT attracts first-class talent from around the country and world, who contribute their unique experience to both the stage and audience. Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre boasts a large and varied repertoire that always presents high quality entertainment.

We Believe 

Dance is the perfect universal expression of the human spirit. We believe in motivating one another as a company that inspires creativity and racial equality.  That dance tells all stories, and more stories of today are to be set to music that lights the dancer and choreography. That dance is the hidden language of the heart, mind and soul, that raises its voice to be seen and heard loudly through movement.

What We Do 

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre performs captivating ballet presentations and offers engaging educational programs that nurture the talent and artistic creativity within the diverse Southern California Community.

Mission Statement

Pacific Ballet Dance Theatre attracts talents from many
different ethnic backgrounds. A company growing locally to inspire the future of classical and contemporary ballet.
We are expressive, with innovative choreography and cultural diversity while personifying excellence in performance and artistic creativity.  

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